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Service 10:00am
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Sunday Morning Worship
Service 10:00am
Bible Study
 12p In The
Fellowship Hall
7pm Bible Study
Fellowship Hall
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CFBC Sanctuary
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Sunday Morning Worship 10am
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Welcome to Cornerstone Fellowship Baptist Church!



Lord, I'm still pretty patient and calm, yet my anticipation tickles 

around the edges of this busy time. Keep my heart focused on You as Christmas

draws closer. Prevent me from being so wrapped up in celebrating 

Christmas Day that I keep Christ outside my heart and mind. Amen

This 1 4 U (GOD)!



Revive us again - fill each heart with Thy love;

May each soul be rekindled with fire from above. Hallelujah, 

Thine the glory, Hallelujah, Amen! Hallelujah, Thine the glory!

Revive us again. (Hymn 569)

May we each be revived again as we continue to focus on

the Holy Spirit.


Welcome to Worship!


For all of our electronic Bible users, click the link below to

download the Bible Gateway App for Apple and Samsung



Rev. Dr. Donald E. Dunnigan, Sr., Pastor

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